Self-Love as a High-Performance Strategy?

As a high-performance coach, my clients come to me looking for better results in their lives and businesses.  They want to make more money, grow their businesses, improve the quality of their health and relationships.  They are always surprised when I introduce self-love as a high-performance strategy.

So how does self-love grow your business or help you improve the quality of your health?  It’s simple. Every single choice you make in your life and in your business comes from you.  And the choices you make each and every day are a direct reflection of the relationship you are currently in with yourself.

To which most of my clients say “Huh..what do you mean the relationship I am in with myself?"

That’s right. Most people don’t realize that they are in a relationship with themselves. But it’s true. Who do you think you’re talking to when you think “you’re not worth that much hourly to the customer,” or “you deserve to skip the gym and sit on the couch and watch Bachelorette re-runs because worked hard all day at a job you hate."

You’re thoughts are a great indicator of your current level of self-love.  If you truly want to test this theory, try asking yourself “Would I speak to my daughter or best friend like that?” or “Is that what I would advise them to do as someone who loves them?"

Since we now know that your choices drive your results and that your choices are reflective of your current level of self-love, don’t you think it’s about time you worked on developing self-love as a high-performance strategy?


Susan has cultivated her unique hybrid-style of Performance Coaching by drawing on her experience and training by Nobel Prize winning teachers and Olympic level coaches, while attending The Ivy League’s Princeton University, and competing for the National Women’s Hockey League’s 1st place team. Her passion for greatness is infectious and she stops at nothing to get you to that next level of success.

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