Jule’s is an online boutique based out of Toronto, Canada. Founded by Julie McLachlan - a multi-passion entrepreneur, culinary nutritionist, holistic lifestyle coach, mindful mom and the founder of the health-conscious gift basket company,  Jule's Baskets


To share our passion for healthy living! We are navigating through the confusion to help eliminate health-washing and bring you the best healthy living and wellness products.  We read the labels and do the taste testing. If we find something we love, we share. Whether you're new to this lifestyle or not, we have made shopping for the best-tasting, artisan, hard-to-find lifestyle products very easy!  
We are conscious, caring and community oriented!

Online Boutique

Our boutique offers top health and wellness products that are health-conscious & hand-selected. We have navigated through the confusion to bring you all the best. This online wellness boutique is for those who don’t have time to search the web and spend hours reading contradictory reviews. You no longer have to waste time because we have done the work for you! 

You will only find products that pass the ‘health-washing’ and exceptional quality test. You won’t be overwhelmed with multiple options for each type of product. It’s very simple - just the top brands and products!

Most brands are small Canadian companies, most products are artisan, all products are luxury health and wellness focused products. From snacks, chocolate, teas and coffees to rock salt lamps, vitamins, supplements and personal care products.

Did you know?
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  • You can send health-conscious gifts across the GTA and North America to your family, friends, business associates or clients.  Visit our sister company Jule's Baskets