Julie McLachlan - Founder

I am a multi-passion business woman and entrepreneur.  I am the founder of Jule's Baskets - a Canadian health-conscious, luxury gift basket business.  As well as Jule's Wellness - an online boutique. 

Jule's Baskets is the only gift basket company in Canada 100% committed to luxury, health-conscious products. That means no mass-produced gift baskets filled with unhealthy processed food and junk that gets tossed or re-gifted. All our our baskets are hand-selected and hand-made brimming with local artisan, organic and socially responsible goodies!

With my booming gift basket business and my personal commitment to helping others achieve wellness in all aspects of their life, I created Jule's Lifestyle Company. As an honest and reliable go-to for health and wellness product knowledge, people started to request the option to purchase the products found in Jule's Baskets.  So the online boutique was born!

I am a culinary nutritionist, holistic lifestyle coach and mindful mom.  Jule's Baskets and Jule's Lifestyle Company came about because of my desire to help others.  I want nothing more than to help educate you on easy and sustainable lifestyle habits and choices that can help shift you to a feeling healthy, strong and conscientious. 

Mom to three gorgeous daughters.  I love travel, laughter, learning and fitness. 

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